Sunday, 19 November 2017

That may be the reason for appetus ulcer

Appetus ulcer is the most common of those lesions, and almost everyone is familiar with this appetus ulcer.
The causes of appetite ulcer

1. Genetically, appetite is often ulcer.
2.May cause the injury.Many times it can be seen that brushing the tooth when brushing on the face of a soft tissue in the face of anthers can take the form of ulcer.
3.Bacterial infection can be through.Such as:Streptococcal Infusion.
4.May cause abnormalities of disease prevention.
5.Anxiety,emotional exhaustion,anxiety,may be due to night awakening.
6.In the absence of Vitamin B12,due to lack of iron,especially lack of folic acid,it can be time for women.
7.Could be due to lack of hormones.
8.May cause digestion problems.

Where are you?
In the soft part of the cheek,next to the tongue,inside the lip,the more in the rows.
Who is more?
  • The boys are over.
  • Adults are older.
  • Professional workers,clerks and non-smokers are more.

Apparthasal ulcerative lesions can be up to 5-7 millimeters.The part of the hue is limited to the yellow color of the white and the red line outside.It gets better within 7-10 days.But there was a lot of pain in it.The patient can not eat.There is a problem in shaking the face.
Applesus ulcer itself is cured. It itself is 6-10 days.Then it gets better.However,treatment of some of the patients gets comfort.

  • Tiamasinolone dental paste can be used.
  • Besides, it is also good to use the pyraLovex lotion.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

The reason for the nose call and the way to get rid of it

About 45 percent of the world's healthy normal people are sometimes called nose in sleep.The funny thing is that those who call noses do not know themselves,but they disturb the sleep.However,whatever is a joke,the nose is not a good sign.

Studies have shown that 75 percent of those who make noses suffer from sleeping apnea (respiratory failure for a while in sleep);Which may later become heart disease.

For some reasons sleep may sound nauseous.They include sinus problems,excess weight,smoking,drinking alcohol,taking sleeping medicine, eating extra,narrow neck,crack in the palate,large adenoid,dirty beds or pillows,do not drink enough water.

Although nose is a problem,it should not be difficult to become aware of it initially to be aware.Then gradually the nose call will decrease.For him, body weight should be reduced, regular exercise,smoking and drinking should be avoided,and if there is habit of sleeping habits, then avoid it and drink enough water.

In this case, the use of high pillow is beneficial.Besides,it is necessary to practice sleeping without lying on the left side.If there is sinuous problem or adenoid,then the specialist will have to take treatment according to the advice.

The annoying energy of the legs.

It is very good in the day,but when you go to bed for bedtime,there is a lot of pain on the legs.The leaves of the feet burn like chillies occasionally.Sometimes bent like a needle. Slow down and restless again.Often such feelings are heard in the mouth of the victim.This annoying annoying term in medical science is called peripheral neuropathy.

This may be due to various reasons,even psychological disasters.This happens when the nerves of the feet are damaged in the incidence of infection.One of the major causes of neuropathy is uncontrolled and long-term diabetes.The excess of blood sugar gradually creates such symptoms by destroying the nerves of the feet. In kidney and thyroid problems,lack of vitamin B12 and B1,alcoholism, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. also cause problems in the nerves of the feet.Some medicines can cause irritation in the legs, such as: Isoniazid used for tuberculosis,amiodarone used in heart disease, chemotherapy etc.

However, pain or agony of the legs always means problems in the nerves,not the problem. This may cause such feelings for some more reasons. Such as:

  • Fungal infection in the legs
  • Problems with blood transfusion
  • After women's menopause
  • Extra anxiety or stress

To do Do not neglect when the fire starts suddenly and starts moving towards bad.The doctor will be able to verify whether your foot's nerve is okay. Besides-
  • Diabetes patients keep blood sugar control,learn to take care of the feet.
  • Those who have nerve problems in their legs,they can treat any wounds quickly.Be careful to take a warm bite, cut nails, pick shoes, pick shoes.
  • Vitamin deficiency is not always responsible for the foot problems.So all kinds of problems can not be availed by eating vitamin B.
  • Reduce anxiety and stress.
  • If neuropathy is proven,some medicines that are neutralizing the nerve damage can be found,and they can enjoy them at the doctor's advice.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Something easy to get back to the old body shape after Caesar

The women who are born with Caesar have to be more vulnerable than those of normal delivery women in weight loss.Not only that the labor penny during Cesarean,it is added to the labor pane, after the operation,the recovery pane. And since this is a major operation, so after Caesar do not have any kind of heavy exercise or strict diet for 3 to 6 months according to the doctor's suggestion.But after three months of Caesar,following some common rules,reducing excess weight and getting older body shapes is quite easy.
Breastfeeding the baby
Breastfeeding is not only beneficial for the child,it is also beneficial for the mother.Those mothers who breastfeed their babies may drop faster than other mothers. Due to the adequate nutrition of the baby through breast milk,there is a lot of calorie intake from the mother's body. As a result,the weight starts to drop.That's why not only the first six months of birth, but still the child should be breast fed regularly for at least one year.
Start regular walks
Walking is the best way to lose weight after Caesar.Regular walking does not only burn calories, but also helps to increase the body's level of anemia after the operation.Those mothers who go through Caesar surgery are usually asked to start walking a little bit the day after the operation.Because the stove in the hull stays fast, the blood does not accumulate and the mitigation of the pain is accelerated.But the first six to eight weeks will be very slow.Then gradually the speed of time and time will be increased.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Height chart

we do not think anything just to see if anyone is thick or thin.But it is not at all actually.According to medical science to determine body mass index,or BMI,is one of the thin or thick.Every human being has a standard weight relative to height.The weight of this model is that sense of scale,it is not more or less than that,then he is less likely to be healthy body and diseases.
Height Chart
Kilogram weight was measured to determine the manner of a person's ideal weight and height is measured in meters.Nobody extra weight or ultra-low weight is not desirable.Many of us are short and fat,others too long,but the palm.Not less than your weight,or if it's the right thing to understand is there to learn how your weight according to height.Height Chart is very important for every people.
Height Male (kg) Female (kg)
Nobody extra weight or ultra-low weight is ► 4'7 " -- 39-49 -- 36-46
► 4'8 " -- 41-50 -- 38-48
► 4'9 " -- 42-52 -- 39-50
► 4'10 " -- 44-54 -- 41-52
► 4'11 " -- 45-56 -- 42-53
► 5 FT -- 47-58 -- 43-55
► 5'1 " -- 48-60 -- 45-57
► 5'2 " -- 50-62 -- 46-59
► 5'3 " -- 51-64 -- 48-61
► 5'4 " -- 53-66 -- 49-63
► 5'5 " -- 55-68 -- 51-65
► 5'6 " -- 56-70 -- 53-67
► 5'7 " -- 58-72 -- 54-69
► 5'8 " -- 60-74 -- 56-71
► 5'9 " -- 62-76 -- 57-71
► 5'10 " -- 64-79 -- 59-75
► 5'11 " -- 65-81 -- 61-77
► 6 FT -- 67-83 -- 63-80
► 6'1 " -- 69-86 -- 65-82
► 6'2 " -- 71-88 -- 67-84

Drinking,excessive sleep,stress,steroid and taking other forms of medication can also cause weight gain.A lot of problems with excess weight or intestines.Any type of heart disease has the potential for excess weight.Many problems are caused by the accumulation of fat in the blood.Because blood pressure and excess weight.Walking is a problem with weight.Excess fat increases the risk of bile stones.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Belly fat loss

Is increasing day by day while eating less fat, intestines or stomach due to uncontrolled diet to lose the extra fat that has to save the beauty of the body.Widely unwanted fat belly embarrassed like wearing clothes, the state has not been able to buy, or can not wear.Many ways you can reduce your belly fat.

Many people are trying to belly fat loss through a variety of drug consumption, but it has many side effects.

One week to comply with the rules and reduce some of the fat you remove profusion.

1.That exercise will reduce your body fat. So you must be a regular habit of walking and yoga. Exercises that will help to reduce your body fat, but 500 to 600 calories a lack of exercise, many times they can not try to comply with the following rules.

2.One glass of lemon juice in the morning every day in practice.A glass of lemon juice and a little water to drink greater amounts.Juice do not use sugar very quickly, you will have less fat.

3. Avoid foods with sugar and carbohydrates. Carbohydrate energy in your body carbohydrate-rich foods in small amounts so received by the legacy of your body fat will reduce unwanted increases.

4. Avoid spicy foods and fatty foods that made them fat in your body. Food, cinnamon, ginger and black pepper spice use national. This increases the amount of insulin in the body and reduces the amount of sugar. Cinnamon, ginger and black pepper will reduce the amount of sugar in your blood and will help to reduce abdominal fat.

5. Drink lots of water, which controls your metabolism, your body will get toxic stuff. You can eat in the habit of eating fruit and cucumber on a regular basis will help get rid of fat from your body faster.

6.The practice of eating garlic two part every morning.Double the rate of which will help to reduce your body fat and blood circulation to normal.Garlic is not just fat, including runny nose, cough, keep away from diseases.

7. Refrain from eating meat. Instead, a little oil to cook chicken meat and non-vegetarian diet.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Juice diet

Many people suffering from weight  problems.But do not understand how to reduce  the weight. Many of the weight loss diet How about the idea. Those who think they can choose diet to lose weight in 4 days carrot diet. Keep at it, you can lose weight only 4 kg two days. And it is utterly without exercise.

Let's get to know the rules of 4 days carrot juice diet.

The main meal of the day for the rest of your diet if you want to eat carrots are the carrots. Overall, at least 4 times a day filled with a lot of people will eat your carrots.

Boiled carrots, green salad or as happy as you can eat. However, the salad as a meal, do not use oil or cheese. Only carrots, lemon juice, coriander leaves, chilli or black pepper powder can be used.

This 4 days carrots, green tea, and you can not drink anything except water.If you want to change too much taste mixing apples with a single carrot salad you can eat.

Carrot diet to stay healthy during the day if you want to eat at least 3 litres of water. Eat less water in the body and the body of fresh water, there will not be void. So, diet, drink plenty of water as well.

If you drink green tea during the diet. Make a cup of tea if you want to eat green tea. Green tea is helpful to reduce weight.


Carrots should be washed well before eating.Peel the carrots, if possible. Today, because of harmful chemical ingredients are used in many different vegetables.
During the diet did not reduce drinking.If any disease or drugs without a doctor's advice if you do not diet.This diet 5 days to 4 days or more. This diet allows you to do this once a month.

During the gym, do not diet or excessive physical exertion.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Long-term use increases the risk of heart attack

When you sit for a long time may increase the risk of heart attack. In the same way those who work constantly at the heart of their blood causes more problems. San Diego is a college town in America study came up with this information.

Studies,every day of the yoga keeps the body's blood circulation is normal. Therefore advised to exercise regularly to avoid a heart attack. Exercise keeps the body extra calories and lose body fit. Similarly, do not sit on the sidelines as much as possible from the job can take a little walk.

The study was conducted on nearly two thousand people more than adults. Those who sit all day at work, 14 percent of them suffer from heart disease.Later deadly diseases like heart disease, heart attack takes shape.

How much water every day for recovery?

How much water every day for recovery?
Drink at least eight glasses of water every day for recovery will be.That is according to a recent study, scientists found.Per 2.6 litres of an adult man and an adult woman 2.1 litres of water per day is required.Tea, coffee, milk, fruits, and there is sufficient moisture. In addition, the day of protein, fat and carbohydrate intake, it is metabolised to produce approximately 250 ml of water.
Weather least six glasses of water, like our hard work, sweat, hot weather may increase the demand.And to satisfy your thirst and the colour of urine and keep drinking as much water as much as you need enough for you.

Throw away the tremendous benefits of orange skin

After eating the orange peel like garbage basket.Many of the things we throw away what they do not know how rich in nutrients.Orange peel apples or other fruit a bit more quality than done.Orange skin is anti-microbial, anti-inaphlemetari and anti-phangala material which is of different types of physical problems.

so lets get to know about the orange peels are beneficial direction.

Phlegm and bile problems
Bitter orange peel and juice bile in mucous problems very beneficial to eliminate any kind of problem.Were thin orange peel tea or other food with mucus and bile problems playing awesome benefits.
Remove Bowel problem
Digestive problems,constipation,and remove the orange peel.Orange peel gas, heartburn and helps to remove acidic vomit.
Increases interests
Hunger recession and there is no pair of orange peels to get rid of nausea.Every morning, one teaspoon grated orange peel amount of honey mixed with refined eat.Any fruit salad and orange peel can give.
Eliminating acidity
The orange peel oil is anti-microbial and anti-inaphlemetari. The material helps reduce stomach acidity.The oil, which also has a D-limonena normal bowel movements and maintain normal liver function is.Essential oil of orange skin problems, acidity, so the two drops of water to drink.

You lose weight
The study found that orange peel dissolve cholesterol and triglycerides. As a result, those who have problems with high cholesterol and those who want to lose weight for a lot of orange peel. Jam, jelly or maramaleda eat every morning with fresh orange peel.