Sunday, 19 November 2017

That may be the reason for appetus ulcer

Appetus ulcer is the most common of those lesions, and almost everyone is familiar with this appetus ulcer.
The causes of appetite ulcer

1. Genetically, appetite is often ulcer.
2.May cause the injury.Many times it can be seen that brushing the tooth when brushing on the face of a soft tissue in the face of anthers can take the form of ulcer.
3.Bacterial infection can be through.Such as:Streptococcal Infusion.
4.May cause abnormalities of disease prevention.
5.Anxiety,emotional exhaustion,anxiety,may be due to night awakening.
6.In the absence of Vitamin B12,due to lack of iron,especially lack of folic acid,it can be time for women.
7.Could be due to lack of hormones.
8.May cause digestion problems.

Where are you?
In the soft part of the cheek,next to the tongue,inside the lip,the more in the rows.
Who is more?
  • The boys are over.
  • Adults are older.
  • Professional workers,clerks and non-smokers are more.

Apparthasal ulcerative lesions can be up to 5-7 millimeters.The part of the hue is limited to the yellow color of the white and the red line outside.It gets better within 7-10 days.But there was a lot of pain in it.The patient can not eat.There is a problem in shaking the face.
Applesus ulcer itself is cured. It itself is 6-10 days.Then it gets better.However,treatment of some of the patients gets comfort.

  • Tiamasinolone dental paste can be used.
  • Besides, it is also good to use the pyraLovex lotion.

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