Monday, 6 February 2017

Juice diet

Many people suffering from weight  problems.But do not understand how to reduce  the weight. Many of the weight loss diet How about the idea. Those who think they can choose diet to lose weight in 4 days carrot diet. Keep at it, you can lose weight only 4 kg two days. And it is utterly without exercise.

Let's get to know the rules of 4 days carrot juice diet.

The main meal of the day for the rest of your diet if you want to eat carrots are the carrots. Overall, at least 4 times a day filled with a lot of people will eat your carrots.

Boiled carrots, green salad or as happy as you can eat. However, the salad as a meal, do not use oil or cheese. Only carrots, lemon juice, coriander leaves, chilli or black pepper powder can be used.

This 4 days carrots, green tea, and you can not drink anything except water.If you want to change too much taste mixing apples with a single carrot salad you can eat.

Carrot diet to stay healthy during the day if you want to eat at least 3 litres of water. Eat less water in the body and the body of fresh water, there will not be void. So, diet, drink plenty of water as well.

If you drink green tea during the diet. Make a cup of tea if you want to eat green tea. Green tea is helpful to reduce weight.


Carrots should be washed well before eating.Peel the carrots, if possible. Today, because of harmful chemical ingredients are used in many different vegetables.
During the diet did not reduce drinking.If any disease or drugs without a doctor's advice if you do not diet.This diet 5 days to 4 days or more. This diet allows you to do this once a month.

During the gym, do not diet or excessive physical exertion.


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