Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Belly fat loss

Is increasing day by day while eating less fat, intestines or stomach due to uncontrolled diet to lose the extra fat that has to save the beauty of the body.Widely unwanted fat belly embarrassed like wearing clothes, the state has not been able to buy, or can not wear.Many ways you can reduce your belly fat.

Many people are trying to belly fat loss through a variety of drug consumption, but it has many side effects.

One week to comply with the rules and reduce some of the fat you remove profusion.

1.That exercise will reduce your body fat. So you must be a regular habit of walking and yoga. Exercises that will help to reduce your body fat, but 500 to 600 calories a lack of exercise, many times they can not try to comply with the following rules.

2.One glass of lemon juice in the morning every day in practice.A glass of lemon juice and a little water to drink greater amounts.Juice do not use sugar very quickly, you will have less fat.

3. Avoid foods with sugar and carbohydrates. Carbohydrate energy in your body carbohydrate-rich foods in small amounts so received by the legacy of your body fat will reduce unwanted increases.

4. Avoid spicy foods and fatty foods that made them fat in your body. Food, cinnamon, ginger and black pepper spice use national. This increases the amount of insulin in the body and reduces the amount of sugar. Cinnamon, ginger and black pepper will reduce the amount of sugar in your blood and will help to reduce abdominal fat.

5. Drink lots of water, which controls your metabolism, your body will get toxic stuff. You can eat in the habit of eating fruit and cucumber on a regular basis will help get rid of fat from your body faster.

6.The practice of eating garlic two part every morning.Double the rate of which will help to reduce your body fat and blood circulation to normal.Garlic is not just fat, including runny nose, cough, keep away from diseases.

7. Refrain from eating meat. Instead, a little oil to cook chicken meat and non-vegetarian diet.

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