Saturday, 10 March 2018

Food that will keep your liver healthy

After the skin,the liver is the second largest organ of human body,weighing about 3 pounds.The liver operates various functions such as digestion management,metabolism,immunity and various nutrients in the body.Specially,this body provides the necessary energy and nutrients in the body cells that help to keep human cells alive.It can remove harmful substances from the blood vessels and help in food poisoning.The necessary things to eat in order to keep these important functions of liver and to balance the body.

  • Garlic helps to create liver enzymes that excrete toxins from the body.Besides,garlic contains a large amount of aliens and selenium,which contain two natural ingredients,which help the liver.
  • Catechin,a type of green tea,helps in the overall functioning of anti-oxidant liver.So this green tea is quite useful for eating lever.
  • Grapefruit fruit is directly or juicy,it helps the liver to remove cancerous material and toxin.This fruit contains lots of vitamin C and anti-oxidant which is very useful for liver.
  • Green vegetable is something that protects the consistency of chemical substances and insecticides in our daily diet,which is very useful for the liver.
  • We all know that in this case,citrus fruit is rich in Vitamin C which is very useful for our body.But lemon also helps in eliminating various toxins in the body and digestion.
  • Playing turmeric as a spice helps to keep digestion and peptide cleansing in our body.It also acts as a natural datax of the liver.The rich antioxidant-rich yellow liver protects the health.Some studies have shown that this yellow is very helpful in the elimination of Hepatitis B and C virus