Thursday, 16 November 2017

The reason for the nose call and the way to get rid of it

About 45 percent of the world's healthy normal people are sometimes called nose in sleep.The funny thing is that those who call noses do not know themselves,but they disturb the sleep.However,whatever is a joke,the nose is not a good sign.

Studies have shown that 75 percent of those who make noses suffer from sleeping apnea (respiratory failure for a while in sleep);Which may later become heart disease.

For some reasons sleep may sound nauseous.They include sinus problems,excess weight,smoking,drinking alcohol,taking sleeping medicine, eating extra,narrow neck,crack in the palate,large adenoid,dirty beds or pillows,do not drink enough water.

Although nose is a problem,it should not be difficult to become aware of it initially to be aware.Then gradually the nose call will decrease.For him, body weight should be reduced, regular exercise,smoking and drinking should be avoided,and if there is habit of sleeping habits, then avoid it and drink enough water.

In this case, the use of high pillow is beneficial.Besides,it is necessary to practice sleeping without lying on the left side.If there is sinuous problem or adenoid,then the specialist will have to take treatment according to the advice.

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